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Some people don't like to do things by half measure. They decide to go all out because anything less than being the best they can be is not acceptable to them. If that sounds like you - and probably why you ended up on this page - then it's time to get to work! 

To get in the best possible shape and be as fit as you can be, you will need a combination of weight training and cardio. Weight Training to help hold onto vital muscle tissue during fat-loss, or to provide progressive overload when building muscle and strength.

It's not much use building a great physique and not being able to put it to good use! That's where we strive to have all-round fitness. To be able to go out and run, smash a bike ride or tear up a HIT session - that's where our Live Classes come in!

Whether you are looking to build muscle, or get shredded and toned like never before - the Ultimate Mission 90 Plan is for you....


This is a gym-based training package that also includes access to our Live Classes. In order to complete the gym work, you are going to need access to basic weightlifting kit at a minimum! A gym membership is the simplest option however we have plenty of clients that have a gym set up at home! 

We predominately focus on teaching you free weights by use of a barbell and dumbbells - there is no requirement for endless variations of fancy machines! 

We recommend you have access to the following at a minimum for the gym workouts:

  • Barbell

  • Range of Weight Plates 

  • Weightlifting Bench

  • Lifting Rack/Half Rack/Squat Stands

Our Live Classes are predominately bodyweight and 'no equipment' orientated, however we recommend the following:

  • Kettlebell - 12kg for Women, 16kg for Men recommended - this can be increased with fitness and experience!

  • Foam Roller - for our Mobility Overhaul Classes - it's a must for anyone that trains hard!

  • Resistance Bands - we often use these for our mobility and flexibility sessions. A thin one (prominently sold in red) and a thicker one (purple/green) are recommended.

We do offer workout videos with dumbbells etc however, we rarely use these on our Live Classes as it keeps it open to people with little/no equipment.

Thinking of setting up a home gym? Be sure to read our blog article:


  • Take Your Training to the Next Level!

  • Suitable for Male and Female!

  • LIVE Class Access

  • Full Gym Training Programme

  • Get in the Best Possible Shape with Addition of Weight Training

  • Personalised MF Training App Account

  • Learn and Understand How to Lift Weights Safely and Correctly

  • Full Exercise Tuition With Our 'In-App' Video Library 

  • Access Our Follow-Along Workout Video Database

  • Full Nutritional Plan

  • Custom Calorie and Macro Targets

  • Lose Fat or Build Muscle and Strength

  • Our Programmes are Tailored to All Levels of Experience

  • Structured Training to Allow You To Progress into The Future

  • Join our growing #MFOnline Community Page for daily tips, tricks and Live Q+A!



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