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Jonny Robertson is the Founder of Marine Fitness and made the transition from an 8-year career as a Royal Marines Commando, to a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor in 2016.

Realising just how much the Health and Fitness industry had spiralled out of control in recent years, from false marketing to fad diets and dangerous advice, he set about turning his life-long passion into a career with one simple aim: To help people achieve and maintain their goals and show them just how easy it can be to lead a healthy life.

Adopting a different training approach to most, Jonathan’s ethos is ‘Fit for Life’, “We not only train our clients, but we focus on educating them in the basic fundamentals of living a healthier life and create the best possible versions of those individuals. We are not all training to be fitness cover models, so we need a realistic and sustainable system in place that fit’s into our hectic modern-day lifestyles.

Living a life of average and being average is nothing more than a choice and I've made it my personal mission to help as many people as I possibly can unleash the greatness and potential locked inside of them."

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Trevor Phillips

Ayrshire, Scotland

“Highly recommend Marine Fitness PT service. I first encountered Marine Fitness through the regular boot camps but decided to try out the PT. Working with Jonny over last 6 weeks has pushed training to a new level. His expertise and knowledge is exceptional giving you an insight into each exercise you are working on.”

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