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Royal Marines Commandos have always prided themselves in their elite level of fitness: to have the strength and power to handle and move heavy weight, combined with the endurance ability of a seasoned marathon runner. They become masters of all trades and second to none.

The nature of the job title demands as much.

The 'catalyst' behind such an individual and what allows them to achieve such feats isn't genetics, god-given talent, or some form of superior being. It all starts and ends with mindset. 

Regardless of who you are or what you want from life, if you learn to conquer your head and the potential demons that may live inside, learn to get comfortable at throwing yourself into the unknown, remove the barriers in which you and others place on yourself daily, and take ownership of yourself, you'll find you are capable of so much more than what you are currently limiting yourself to.

It doesn't matter what age, gender, life experience, or setbacks apply to you - awakening your greatness can start now, but if tomorrow sounds like a better day to begin, then you've came to the wrong place.

Jonny | Marine Fitness

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Develop All-Round Fitness - Run, Lift, HIT, Mobility, Nutrition
Get 'Commando Fit' in Body and Mind - Learn to Push Your Limits
Year-Round Training Program
Weekly Training Targets
Tailored Nutrition Plan
Team Commando: Motivation, Support and Accountability
Exclusive Access to 'Year-Round' MF and 'Third Party' Events
And much more....
Online Personal Trainer | Marine Fitness | Ayrshire
Online Personal Trainer | Marine Fitness | Ayrshire
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